Book Review: The Haunted Heist by Angie Fox

Another fun read in the Southern Ghost series from Angie Fox.  I swear if Verity didn’t have bad luck she probably wouldn’t have any luck.  Verity does manage to improve what goes from a fantastic situation to a horrible situation and solve the crime.  You are drawn in such that you are excited when success … Continue reading

You are but dust and to dust you shall return.

I like Lent.  I love Easter and the promises that it represents.  For me, Easter isn’t Easter without Lent and Lent isn’t Lent without Ash Wednesday service.  Easter without Lent just isn’t as bright.  I welcome the opportunity to clean my mental house.  To face the the sins that I have done in thought, word, … Continue reading

Falling madly in love with….myself

I can already hear it….and to be honest when this title came to my head right after it the song….your so vain…I bet you think this song is about you….started running through my head.  This isn’t a vanity post but a little introspective and setting a stage of where I am starting.  This morning coach … Continue reading

I am an athlete!

I’m not an athlete….I am a working professional woman who is a bit closer to middle age than she would like and a bit farther away from the weight on her license than she would like.  I mean really…..take a look at this picture….does this look like an athlete?  This looks like a sweaty plump … Continue reading

Pruning your life

In striving to thrive and not just survive I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I have too much going on in my life.  In a sense last week was a perfect and rather extreme example, as not every week is this crazy.  Monday was a full day in the office and then just … Continue reading

Checking in….a month late

Sooooo  I haven’t done so well writing here.  I suppose one excuse is I post on my lunch breaks and they have been busy with business lunches and sometimes extra special long distance lunch buddies like my favorite mini-ions.  I could say that I have been busy conquering the world or I could just say … Continue reading